Bluetooth Products

  • Activity Tracker Activity Tracker

    Activity Tracker

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Zewa's new generation Bluetooth Activity Tracker is a one of a kind connected health product. It uses Bluetooth BLE to synch information with Zewa's free Smartphone app. The App analyses readings over time and displays charts and...

  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    The WS-380 Ver 2 is our next generation wireless blood pressure monitor. It measures on inflation resulting in a faster more comfortable measurement. While it stores readings for 2 users (2 x 60) it can also connect to an Android or iOS Mobile device...

  • Non-Touch Infrared Thermometer - Bluetooth

    Non-Touch Infrared Thermometer - Bluetooth

    Non-Contact, Ear-Forehead Infrared Thermometer with LCD Display with optional wireless connectivity and free MyHealthConnected App for iOS and Android offers choice of ear or forehead fever monitoring. Quick, easy readings in seconds. Clinically...

  • Biometric Smart Health Scale Biometric Smart Health Scale

    Biometric Smart Health Scale

    Weight Scale and Body Composition Metrics Take control of your health with our Wireless Smart Health Scale, featuring 12 Body Composition Metrics: BMI, BMR, body fat rate, muscle rate, bone rate, water rate, body fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass,...

  • Blood Pressure Monitor - Premium

    Blood Pressure Monitor - Premium

    The UAM-880 automatic blood pressure monitor can be shared by 2 users using 2 different memory groups (2 x 60). In addition to that it stores the date and time when the readings were taken and even indicates if it can detect irregular heartbeat. This...

  • Blood Pressure Monitor - Premium Single User

    Blood Pressure Monitor - Premium Single User

    The UAM-820BT was specifically designed for Telehealth and RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) applications. With only 1 button it is easy to use and transfers readings immediately after the measurement is complete. The UAM-820BT measures on inflation...

  • Smart Watch Smart Watch

    Smart Watch

    Smart Health Watch   Wearable Health Devices (WHDs) are increasingly assisting people to better monitor their health status both at an activity and fitness level for self-health tracking and at a medical level providing more data to clinicians...