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Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Blood Pressure Monitor Economy

    Blood Pressure Monitor Economy

    The UAM-710 stores readings for 2 users (2 x 60) including the date and time. It includes a wide range cuff 8.7" - 16.5" that fits most arm sizes and categories blood pressure readings into normal, pre-hypertensive and hypertensive.  Product...

  • Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    The WS-380 Ver 2 is our next generation wireless blood pressure monitor. It measures on inflation resulting in a faster more comfortable measurement. While it stores readings for 2 users (2 x 60) it can also connect to an Android or iOS Mobile device...

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood Pressure Monitor

    The UAM-720 automatic blood pressure monitor is easy to use with its large START/STOP button. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm, press the START button and the blood pressure monitor does the rest. It even stores 60 readings automatically...

  • Blood Pressure Monitor - Deluxe

    Blood Pressure Monitor - Deluxe

    The UAM-830 Ver 2 is our next generation upper arm blood pressure monitor which measures on inflation resulting in a faster more comfortable measurement. With its large backlite display, your blood pressure readings are easy to read. While...

  • Blood Pressure Monitor - Premium

    Blood Pressure Monitor - Premium

    The UAM-880 automatic blood pressure monitor can be shared by 2 users using 2 different memory groups (2 x 60). In addition to that it stores the date and time when the readings were taken and even indicates if it can detect irregular heartbeat. This...

  • Blood Pressure Monitor - Bluetooth

    Blood Pressure Monitor - Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Automatic Blood Pressure MonitorThis easy to use, high end Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor has all the functions of a modern Blood Pressure Monitor. With a large display, it is easy to read. It can easily be shared by 2 users (app only works...